Simply stated, it’s a machine that can create a real physical object from a computer file by building it one layer at a time with plastics or other materials. And when you think about it, that doesn’t sound all that amazing.

But what is amazing, is how it’s going to change the world around us in the coming years. We envision a future, not that far from now, where every home has a 3D printer and the majority of the things we want or need, from household products and tech gadgets to snack food (yes, food too), will be created on-demand at the push of a button. It may sound like Star Trek or The Jetson’s but this revolution has already started and you can get a taste of it here today at Proto.


That’s right, it’s a wall—a huge wall of some of the latest 3D printers from industry leaders like MakerBot and Ultimaker. And we’ve got cabinets full of a rainbow of colors of PLA, ABS and TPU filaments. So if you want to print a squishy pink unicorn—then print that unicorn, but we’re guessing you have bigger ideas in mind.


We’ve tried to make this as simple and straight forward as possible. No long term commitments, no membership fees and no crazy, by-the-minute pricing. Just a simple $10 per hour for PLA, and $12.50 per hour for other types of plastic, with most prints taking around 2 or 3 hours. We’ll work with you to make sure you know exactly what it’ll cost before you say go. We offer shipping to your home for larger prints.